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WPTA registration system for the 2017 season

Steps On how to register with WPTA/TSA for the 2017 Season FOR ATHLETES

2017 Registration process TSA Licences

Please be advised that Mobii are unable to fix the problems for our registration in time for our 2016/2017 season starting on 01 September.

In order to facilitate members in the interim we will be referring back to the clubs sending weekly databases confirming that they are paid up club members with club numbers. This will be put onto a general database as a back up /check up compared to MOBII’s report.

Members will still register on the TSA website under our province and pay TSA directly as instructed on the website prompts.( See detailed registration process attached)

Also clubs that have not been using the database in the past will need to please make use of this draft copy attached.

We have patiently been trying to sort out the registration between TSA and Mobii and circumstances beyond our control we need to put other measures in place to assure the athletes do not experience any problems at the next events coming up until Mobii resolve the problems.

We look forward to receiving feedback and appreciate your patience in this regard.

WPTA Currently working on the following :-

  • New Website
  • Card facilities at events Ect

MultiSport Kit

For any enquiries: multisport@worcesterwheelers.co.za